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Who Better Hammers Out The Story? Human or Machine?

Stacy Stanek Smith of NPR recently wrote a short account of a contest between a seasoned NPR correspondent and Wordsmith, the robot journalist created by Automatic Insights. The rules for the race: Both contenders waited for Denny’s, the diner company, … Continue reading

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An Aspiring Writer’s Thanksgiving

For some reason Americans are often surprised to learn that Thanksgiving isn’t observed in Switzerland. I’m always amazed by that, since I wasn’t taught in school that the Pilgrims also sailed to Switzerland, established a colony and celebrated their first … Continue reading

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Mobile Blogging On The iPhone

Last month I spent a week at a cross-country rally in Poland and Germany blogging from my iPhone. I hadn’t planned from the start to blog the event because I wasn’t sure it would be possible, but when I got … Continue reading

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