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Legalized Copyright Theft Begins In France: Government Prepares To Dispossess Writers Using Public Funds

A lot has been happening in France regarding copyright, digitization and orphan works. I barely have time to follow these developments, much less to write about them in any detail. However, last week the French National Library “published” the list … Continue reading

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France Chooses Profit For Publishers Over Authors’ Rights And Public Libraries

Last week, Mike Cane alerted me to a new law that was recently passed in France: France’s Book Grab: Worse Than Google Books. The law was passed on February 23 and relates to the digitization of “unavailable books” from the … Continue reading

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Last Book Sale In Switzerland?

I took this photo on the way to work yesterday morning. The signs in this bookstore window say “Sale” and “50% on all odd articles.” They’re referring to remnants for which the set is incomplete. If you look carefully, you … Continue reading

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