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Over The Rainbow

Earlier this week, I noticed that some of the Christmas lights in Lausanne were still up. As I was walking down the Rue St. Laurent I realized that the brightly colored cubes weren’t just lights, but were part of an … Continue reading

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Shades Of Phil Collins

On my way home from the gym, I heard a young man respond to another as the two crossed paths in front of my metro stop. I didn’t hear the solicitation, but it was clear to me when the man … Continue reading

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Friday Evening In Lausanne

I was hoping to do a few posts this weekend. Things didn’t turn out as planned, but it was a lovely weekend here. I took this photo with my iPhone on Friday evening. I seldom get the chance to see … Continue reading

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On my way to work his morning I passed two policemen photographing the scene. Looking up, I could barely make out the victims, dangling motionlessly in the gray morning sky.

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August 1st

Yesterday was the Swiss National Day. Here are a few pictures taken in the evening from the port of Ouchy in Lausanne where there was a lively crowd.

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