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Does Apple Want My Money? And Other iBookstore Mysteries

Yesterday afternoon, while waiting at the hairdresser, I had time to read the teaser for Michel’s Jeury’s Le temps uncertain (Chronolysis). Things started out well. The sample I requested from iTunes on my MacBook was already waiting for me when … Continue reading

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Why Do I Have 3 Maps Apps On My Phone?

A few weeks ago, while on the road, I received an SMS with the location of a meeting place in longitude and latitude. Since the GPS wasn’t plugged in, I decided to try finding the location with my phone. I … Continue reading

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Does Apple Hate French?

An unexpected side-effect of upgrading my iPhone to iOS6, the App Store is now entirely in German. Although I know what schließen means, unfortunately, I don’t really speak German anymore.

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Hulu For Books Is A Great Idea, Just Don’t Do It Like Hulu

Earlier this week, Mike Cane published a fantastic idea, The Hulu For Books That Never Was. The formation of Hulu should have been a wake-up call to the Big Six of publishing. They too should have banded together to form … Continue reading

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Finding Titles In The iBookstore: Do You Feel Lucky?

Searching the iBookstore for titles is almost as maddening as searching the Appstore for apps, and I don’t understand why that is still such a mess. Searching this evening for titles by Maurice G. Dantec, I noticed that searching by … Continue reading

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Which Is Right For You? Specs Aren’t Even Half The Story

Seems like it’s official: the tablet wars have started. I saw this post, Kindle Fire vs. iPad: Which is right for you? today via @e_reading on Twitter. Doug Gross compares the announced price and features of the Kindle Fire with … Continue reading

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