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Two weeks ago, we sat under the shade in the garden. We were four. Now we are but three. Anticipating the pain and difficulties to come, I opened myself to the enjoyment of the moment on that late summer afternoon, … Continue reading

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Turkey Twitter Ban? Ankara Is Hot!

According to the Washington Post, Turkey has strengthened its Twitter ban by blocking Twitter at the IP level. The Web 3.0 Lab has an interesting app called that shows Twitter activity levels at any location around the world. According … Continue reading

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I really like this fruit bowl. It’s filled with real fruit (or at least what looks and tastes like real fruit), not the impossibly perfect-looking kind you find at the supermarket that disappoints you on the first bite with its … Continue reading

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Event Report: EPFL Congress On Privacy And Surveillance

I went to the Congress on Privacy and Surveillance at the EPFL last week. The day-long conference was a rare opportunity to listen to some of the most renowned technical and legal experts in the field. When Pamela Jones closed … Continue reading

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Tiny Peaches

Port wasn’t the only treat from this weekend. We got some very tiny peaches from a friend’s garden. They were about the size of a walnut, and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I ended up making a … Continue reading

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Shades Of Phil Collins

On my way home from the gym, I heard a young man respond to another as the two crossed paths in front of my metro stop. I didn’t hear the solicitation, but it was clear to me when the man … Continue reading

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Now You Are Free

It’s been several weeks since the mad rush to Christmas. I managed to finish writing up some thoughts about Amazon and alternate publishing models in the last hours before the holidays. The article had been waiting for about three weeks … Continue reading

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The temperature was -6ºC in Franche-Comté overnight. The hoarfrost transformed the landscape into a magical world covered with icy down until late in the morning.

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Day of Kings, The Aftermath

Photo taken this morning in the break room at work.

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Bleak Sunday Afternoon

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