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TV Host As YouTube Everyman

French TV channel M6’s Sunday morning automobile show Turbo has been using camcorder footage in its latest test drives. Below are a few scenes from the April 13th episode. Producer and host Dominique Chapatte and Safet Rastoder are taking the … Continue reading

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The Music In My Head

Things like this don’t happen often, but yesterday I found myself hearing the closing theme from Person of Interest in my head all morning. I don’t know where it came from. The series airs on Sunday evening in Switzerland, and … Continue reading

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TV Chat: The Next Big Thing?

Last week, Grant McCracken suggested that Apple’s next big product might be an Apple TV enabling telecommunications and telecommuting so good it would revolutionize business, travel and education. This week, I saw this in the TV Guide: The headline says … Continue reading

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Hulu For Books Is A Great Idea, Just Don’t Do It Like Hulu

Earlier this week, Mike Cane published a fantastic idea, The Hulu For Books That Never Was. The formation of Hulu should have been a wake-up call to the Big Six of publishing. They too should have banded together to form … Continue reading

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Who Wants A 3D TV For Christmas?

Last weekend I saw one of those hyped-up 3D TV displays in the window of an electronics shop in Lons-Le-Saunier, the capital city of the Jura in eastern France. There was a little podium outside the shop on which was … Continue reading

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