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Who Better Hammers Out The Story? Human or Machine?

Stacy Stanek Smith of NPR recently wrote a short account of a contest between a seasoned NPR correspondent and Wordsmith, the robot journalist created by Automatic Insights. The rules for the race: Both contenders waited for Denny’s, the diner company, … Continue reading

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Swiss Watch Industry Enjoying The Spotlight

The reaction of the Swiss Watch Industry to the Apple watch was on the evening news today. I saw the segment with subtitles for the hearing impaired on the overhead television at the gym. The video showed Nick Hayek, CEO … Continue reading

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Turkey Twitter Ban? Ankara Is Hot!

According to the Washington Post, Turkey has strengthened its Twitter ban by blocking Twitter at the IP level. The Web 3.0 Lab has an interesting app called that shows Twitter activity levels at any location around the world. According … Continue reading

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Tech Takes Backseat To Cars At The Geneva Motor Show

Last weekend I spent a few hours at the Geneva Motor Show. For a number of years, it was an annual pilgrimage for me, but it’s been a year or two since the last time I went. I hadn’t planned … Continue reading

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Powerful Connections

My schedule has become almost impossible, but despite my lack of time, there’s no escaping news of the ominous situation unfolding in Ukraine. The story so far in 100 words or less: Ukrainians take to the streets to protest President … Continue reading

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Taking Pictures With A Tablet In Ethiopia

We don’t need photographs documenting how people take pictures and videos with tablets anymore, but I liked this one so much I asked for a copy. It was taken at the Timkat celebration of Epiphany in Addis Ababa, and I … Continue reading

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The Death Of The Letter

I enjoy the website Letters of Note, which is full of gems such as this letter from Albert Camus to his school teacher, written just after Camus had been awarded the Nobel Prize. French speakers can find the original in … Continue reading

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Event Report: EPFL Congress On Privacy And Surveillance

I went to the Congress on Privacy and Surveillance at the EPFL last week. The day-long conference was a rare opportunity to listen to some of the most renowned technical and legal experts in the field. When Pamela Jones closed … Continue reading

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Transparency About Use Of Photos For Facial Recognition Technology

So you thought facial recognition data only came from law enforcement records? Why Can’t You Smile At The DMV? How Your Photo Is Used Without Your Knowledge “So what is the truth to be found here about cars? If you … Continue reading

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All The Hype For Hyperloop, But They Forgot Swissmetro

In addition to business networking, LinkedIn is becoming more and more like a social network for news sharing. Yesterday, I was intrigued enough to click on a link to a post from Esther Dyson discussing the business model behind Elon … Continue reading

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