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Swiss Watch Industry Enjoying The Spotlight

The reaction of the Swiss Watch Industry to the Apple watch was on the evening news today. I saw the segment with subtitles for the hearing impaired on the overhead television at the gym. The video showed Nick Hayek, CEO … Continue reading

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Over The Rainbow

Earlier this week, I noticed that some of the Christmas lights in Lausanne were still up. As I was walking down the Rue St. Laurent I realized that the brightly colored cubes weren’t just lights, but were part of an … Continue reading

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Market Day

Yesterday morning I had an appointment in town and had the opportunity to walk through the pedestrian district afterwards on the way to work. Wednesday is market day, and it had been a while since I’d had the chance to … Continue reading

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All The Hype For Hyperloop, But They Forgot Swissmetro

In addition to business networking, LinkedIn is becoming more and more like a social network for news sharing. Yesterday, I was intrigued enough to click on a link to a post from Esther Dyson discussing the business model behind Elon … Continue reading

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That Was Fast: eReaders Near Exit In Switzerland

It’s been a while since I’ve had a weekend free in downtown Lausanne. Yesterday I had a chance to do some shopping, and I decided to visit Payot to see how eReaders were doing since the last time I checked. … Continue reading

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Shades Of Phil Collins

On my way home from the gym, I heard a young man respond to another as the two crossed paths in front of my metro stop. I didn’t hear the solicitation, but it was clear to me when the man … Continue reading

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Does Apple Hate French?

An unexpected side-effect of upgrading my iPhone to iOS6, the App Store is now entirely in German. Although I know what schließen means, unfortunately, I don’t really speak German anymore.

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Friday Evening In Lausanne

I was hoping to do a few posts this weekend. Things didn’t turn out as planned, but it was a lovely weekend here. I took this photo with my iPhone on Friday evening. I seldom get the chance to see … Continue reading

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Citizens Vote ‘No’ To Fixed Book Prices In Switzerland

Having returned from a busy weekend, I was finally able to check to see if the results of the Swiss Referendum had been announced. According to RTN (link in French), 56.1% of voters rejected the initiative. It passed in only … Continue reading

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Last Book Sale In Switzerland?

I took this photo on the way to work yesterday morning. The signs in this bookstore window say “Sale” and “50% on all odd articles.” They’re referring to remnants for which the set is incomplete. If you look carefully, you … Continue reading

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