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Powerful Connections

My schedule has become almost impossible, but despite my lack of time, there’s no escaping news of the ominous situation unfolding in Ukraine. The story so far in 100 words or less: Ukrainians take to the streets to protest President … Continue reading

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Event Report: EPFL Congress On Privacy And Surveillance

I went to the Congress on Privacy and Surveillance at the EPFL last week. The day-long conference was a rare opportunity to listen to some of the most renowned technical and legal experts in the field. When Pamela Jones closed … Continue reading

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Transparency About Use Of Photos For Facial Recognition Technology

So you thought facial recognition data only came from law enforcement records? Why Can’t You Smile At The DMV? How Your Photo Is Used Without Your Knowledge “So what is the truth to be found here about cars? If you … Continue reading

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The Future Of Privacy

I’ve been working on other things for the last few days, or at least trying to accomplish a few things despite the inevitable distractions. My post last week about Facebook struck a chord. Traffic has broken all records, surpassing the … Continue reading

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Shades Of Phil Collins

On my way home from the gym, I heard a young man respond to another as the two crossed paths in front of my metro stop. I didn’t hear the solicitation, but it was clear to me when the man … Continue reading

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New World For Ancient Eyes

The Free Music Archive and WFMU are holding a remix contest to demonstrate the potential of open digital libraries, inviting users to remix the Public Domain. While I don’t have a great deal of free time, this idea has great … Continue reading

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Livestream: “Cover Sandy Live” Ad

I received an email from Livestream yesterday encouraging me to “Cover Sandy live using our Android or iPhone app.” I guess I should be happy that they weren’t able to tell I don’t live anywhere near the Sandy strike zone. … Continue reading

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Fear Of Drones

‘Every person is afraid of the drones’: The Strikes’ Effect On Life In Pakistan “If I am walking in the market, I have this fear that maybe the person walking next to me is going to be a target of … Continue reading

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A Rude Education, Millenials Pwnd

Two articles came my way via Twitter on Friday, The Nanny State Didn’t Show Up, You Hired It via Mike Cane USA – Occupy 2.0: Strike Debt via Douglas Rushkoff The first one discusses how society and marketing change our … Continue reading

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Selfishness Isn’t A Winning Strategy

I hoped I would have some time to read (and write!) during vacation, but it didn’t happen. However I was able to catch up on some of the articles I’d saved with Instapaper. One I particularly enjoyed was from the … Continue reading

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