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Turkey Twitter Ban? Ankara Is Hot!

According to the Washington Post, Turkey has strengthened its Twitter ban by blocking Twitter at the IP level. The Web 3.0 Lab has an interesting app called that shows Twitter activity levels at any location around the world. According … Continue reading

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New Twitter Email Metric: Tweet Views

Twitter seems to have added a new feature to its email options. Today I received a message with the subject “doctorlaura, check out your week on Twitter.” In the body of the message it said “See which of your Tweets … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Planning To Screen Identities?

It was on one of the overhead monitors at the gym last week. I didn’t see the whole thing. I don’t remember which channel it was on. Probably CNN International or Bloomberg TV. I thought it was a Facebook commercial, … Continue reading

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Looking For The Next Facebook? The Real Innovators Have Already Moved On

Tech journalists are bored with Facebook. I learned this last week when I read an editorial in a magazine I usually appreciate for the quality of its journalism. The piece I read was in the technology section of the online … Continue reading

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Facebook–The Last Straw

Facebook recently introduced some new features and everyone is suddenly up in arms about them. Again. So what? There’s nothing fundamentally new about this situation; people get used to a service and go berserk when it changes, intelligentsia become worried … Continue reading

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Your Blog’s Traffic Stats May Be Wrong

Last month after having seen a few articles describing errors in traffic sources by analytics solutions that fail to correctly identify referring sites, I wrote about some informal tests I had been doing with my blog. Since then, I’ve had … Continue reading

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Rebecca Black’s Moment

Yesterday Rebecca Black released her much awaited new music video “My Moment.” While the song isn’t as catchy as “Friday,” it’s an upbeat, feel-good tune that features authentic, smiling and talented teens dancing, singing and enjoying their time in the … Continue reading

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Traffic From Twitter Grossly Underestimated By Referral Analysis

@mikecane on Twitter called my attention to this eye-opening explanation of social media referral traffic on the Blog. I have been aware of this issue for some time, and Thomas Baekdal has previously written about it here. Both articles … Continue reading

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Spending Time On Too Many Social Sites? Ur Doing It Wrong

Arjun Basu published some interesting observations on “The Social” where he wonders if the ever-growing number of social sites has finally reached the point where it’s gone seriously overboard, At what point does all of this become too much? I … Continue reading

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What is wrong with people?

Today via a link to an interesting article in The Guardian posted on LinkedIn by Luca Toledo, I  found an amazing video from a camera sent into space by a 7 year old boy and his father.

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