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Event Report: EPFL Congress On Privacy And Surveillance

I went to the Congress on Privacy and Surveillance at the EPFL last week. The day-long conference was a rare opportunity to listen to some of the most renowned technical and legal experts in the field. When Pamela Jones closed … Continue reading

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Transparency About Use Of Photos For Facial Recognition Technology

So you thought facial recognition data only came from law enforcement records? Why Can’t You Smile At The DMV? How Your Photo Is Used Without Your Knowledge “So what is the truth to be found here about cars? If you … Continue reading

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Google Keeps Trying To Get My Phone Number

Google tries a new page to convince me to give them my phone number. No. Previously Hey Google, I Don’t Want To Give You My Phone Number

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The Future Of Privacy

I’ve been working on other things for the last few days, or at least trying to accomplish a few things despite the inevitable distractions. My post last week about Facebook struck a chord. Traffic has broken all records, surpassing the … Continue reading

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Never, EVER, Trust Facebook

I stopped using Facebook a long time ago, but I didn’t want to remove my account and have no visibility on how or what Facebook might be showing about me or someone using my name. So I decided to simply … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Planning To Screen Identities?

It was on one of the overhead monitors at the gym last week. I didn’t see the whole thing. I don’t remember which channel it was on. Probably CNN International or Bloomberg TV. I thought it was a Facebook commercial, … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Fooled, Facebook Is Forever

Just over nine months ago, spurred by this post from ZDNET about Facebook rolling out the new timeline feature, I managed to remove all my old Wall posts in emergency mode. Or so I thought…

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Hey YouTube, I Don’t Want To Use My Full Name

It’s been a while since I logged in to my personal YouTube account, but when I did so a little while ago, I found out that YouTube wants me to start using my full name. I hadn’t heard about this … Continue reading

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Personal Data Sold To Marketers By The Government

Since I’ve been living in Europe, I’ve been generally impressed by the attention of European states to their citizens’ rights with respect to privacy. From the mandatory blurring of faces in Google Street View images in places like Germany, which … Continue reading

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Does Apple Want To Wish Me Happy Birthday?

I finally got around to upgrading my iPhone to iOS5 last weekend. The list of new features sounded exciting, even though I can’t have Siri on my 3GS (that’s still not fair). I didn’t time the installation but it was … Continue reading

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