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DPLA Stands Against The Monopoly Of Knowledge

Last week I had a little time to catch up on some of the articles I had saved to read later in Instapaper. I came upon this piece from Robert Darnton in The New York Review of Books. Darnton talks … Continue reading

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Saving History: Lessons From The People Of Timbuktu

The destruction of thousands of valuable Islamic manuscripts held in the Ahmed Baba Institute in Timbuktu was one of the top stories on French TV on Monday and Tuesday, including video from reporters inside the library. According to the reports, … Continue reading

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Digital Graft And The Citizen’s Library

A comment on my post about France’s new legislation regarding unavailable books from the 20th century left me considering one of the core issues surrounding the digitization of these works, and I began wondering if projected revenues from their licensing … Continue reading

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First Copy Party, La Roche Sur Yon

Today, the University Library at La Roche Sur Yon is hosting a Copy Party. In December of last year, the copyright legislation in France was modified to stipulate that the right to make a private copy applies only to copies … Continue reading

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France Chooses Profit For Publishers Over Authors’ Rights And Public Libraries

Last week, Mike Cane alerted me to a new law that was recently passed in France: France’s Book Grab: Worse Than Google Books. The law was passed on February 23 and relates to the digitization of “unavailable books” from the … Continue reading

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The Twentieth Century and the lesson about Google Books

I’ve been thinking a little more about my experience with the recent incident involving Le Vingtième Siècle and the role of Google Books. My first reflex a few weeks ago when I wanted to find the work was to search … Continue reading

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Are libraries closely monitoring online access to their collections?

Things haven’t gotten any less hectic, but something happened last week that prompted me to find some time to get back to this blog. So, I’ll skip the draft that’s been languishing here for over a month (it can wait … Continue reading

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