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Turkey Twitter Ban? Ankara Is Hot!

According to the Washington Post, Turkey has strengthened its Twitter ban by blocking Twitter at the IP level. The Web 3.0 Lab has an interesting app called that shows Twitter activity levels at any location around the world. According … Continue reading

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Powerful Connections

My schedule has become almost impossible, but despite my lack of time, there’s no escaping news of the ominous situation unfolding in Ukraine. The story so far in 100 words or less: Ukrainians take to the streets to protest President … Continue reading

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You Are Entitled To (Post) Your Informed Opinion

I stopped going to Medium regularly a long time ago. I had the impression that there was quite a lot of click bait there and it seemed like many contributors were simply using the hype around the platform to advertise … Continue reading

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Event Report: EPFL Congress On Privacy And Surveillance

I went to the Congress on Privacy and Surveillance at the EPFL last week. The day-long conference was a rare opportunity to listen to some of the most renowned technical and legal experts in the field. When Pamela Jones closed … Continue reading

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The Music In My Head

Things like this don’t happen often, but yesterday I found myself hearing the closing theme from Person of Interest in my head all morning. I don’t know where it came from. The series airs on Sunday evening in Switzerland, and … Continue reading

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Livestream: “Cover Sandy Live” Ad

I received an email from Livestream yesterday encouraging me to “Cover Sandy live using our Android or iPhone app.” I guess I should be happy that they weren’t able to tell I don’t live anywhere near the Sandy strike zone. … Continue reading

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Hey YouTube, I Don’t Want To Use My Full Name

It’s been a while since I logged in to my personal YouTube account, but when I did so a little while ago, I found out that YouTube wants me to start using my full name. I hadn’t heard about this … Continue reading

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Bottin vs. Google

Last week the French Tribunal de Commerce ruled in favor of French mapping company Bottin in their complaint against Google for unfair competition, abuse of a dominant market position and abusive pricing. As most of the articles in the major … Continue reading

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Internet Search Is A Joke

I am trying to find an article I read sometime within the past two years. As I recall, it was a blog post in which the author was examining the question “Where exactly does the action take place when you … Continue reading

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