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Dissatisfaction And Imagining If Things Could Be Otherwise

Dissatisfaction Dissatisfaction is the mainspring of aspiration and effort, though of course there can be dissatisfaction without aspiration. Envy, malice, and the other base passions may be sources of dissatisfaction that warp the soul instead of stimulating and urging it. … Continue reading

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All The Hype For Hyperloop, But They Forgot Swissmetro

In addition to business networking, LinkedIn is becoming more and more like a social network for news sharing. Yesterday, I was intrigued enough to click on a link to a post from Esther Dyson discussing the business model behind Elon … Continue reading

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Lead User Innovation: TouchFire iPad Screen-Top Keyboard

When Apple released the iPad I couldn’t wait. A friend in the US who didn’t understand what all the fuss was about ordered one and sent it to me. I was sure it would be perfect for most of what … Continue reading

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The Obscure Future Of The Digital Book

Recently I stumbled across something that made me think of my first real post here on The Well-Prepared Mind over two years ago: Are we overlooking the real digital book revolution? At the time I was wondering why the digital … Continue reading

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Looking For The Next Facebook? The Real Innovators Have Already Moved On

Tech journalists are bored with Facebook. I learned this last week when I read an editorial in a magazine I usually appreciate for the quality of its journalism. The piece I read was in the technology section of the online … Continue reading

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Hulu For Books Is A Great Idea, Just Don’t Do It Like Hulu

Earlier this week, Mike Cane published a fantastic idea, The Hulu For Books That Never Was. The formation of Hulu should have been a wake-up call to the Big Six of publishing. They too should have banded together to form … Continue reading

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CDs Are For The Birds

Everyday I look out my office window and am reminded that CDs are still widely used in many places. Photo taken Wednesday, Nov. 3rd.

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Toorop’s Interactive Map

I got suckered into watching Babylon A.D. yesterday evening. Just when I thought I might lose interest, Toorop, played by Vin Diesel, goes back to his padlocked apartment (the car door hanging from a metal frame in the living room … Continue reading

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The Patent Trap

Last week I saw an article by Mike Masnick on Techdirt, TiVo Apparently Considering Patent Trolling As A Second Act: … for big companies, who haven’t been doing much innovating lately, suddenly there’s a temptation to focus more money on … Continue reading

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