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Never, EVER, Trust Facebook

I stopped using Facebook a long time ago, but I didn’t want to remove my account and have no visibility on how or what Facebook might be showing about me or someone using my name. So I decided to simply … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Planning To Screen Identities?

It was on one of the overhead monitors at the gym last week. I didn’t see the whole thing. I don’t remember which channel it was on. Probably CNN International or Bloomberg TV. I thought it was a Facebook commercial, … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Fooled, Facebook Is Forever

Just over nine months ago, spurred by this post from ZDNET about Facebook rolling out the new timeline feature, I managed to remove all my old Wall posts in emergency mode. Or so I thought…

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Personal Communication Trends: WhatsApp Builds An SMS Alternative With Mass Appeal

Facebook Is Killing Text Messaging, Report Says That article from the Bits Blog at the New York Times caught my eye yesterday. It wasn’t much more than a plug for a recent Strand Consult report linking increased use of mobile … Continue reading

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Looking For The Next Facebook? The Real Innovators Have Already Moved On

Tech journalists are bored with Facebook. I learned this last week when I read an editorial in a magazine I usually appreciate for the quality of its journalism. The piece I read was in the technology section of the online … Continue reading

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Facebook–The Last Straw

Facebook recently introduced some new features and everyone is suddenly up in arms about them. Again. So what? There’s nothing fundamentally new about this situation; people get used to a service and go berserk when it changes, intelligentsia become worried … Continue reading

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