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Hulu For Books Is A Great Idea, Just Don’t Do It Like Hulu

Earlier this week, Mike Cane published a fantastic idea, The Hulu For Books That Never Was. The formation of Hulu should have been a wake-up call to the Big Six of publishing. They too should have banded together to form … Continue reading

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eReaders Go Mainstream In Switzerland?

Yesterday, I passed by the FNAC in Lausanne during opening hours and had a chance to pop in to see what was new. I noticed that they had moved the eReaders from the locked glass display case in the mobile … Continue reading

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eBooks At Payot In Switzerland

Last year, a few weeks before Christmas, I went to Payot in Lausanne to see what the largest French-language bookstore in Switzerland was proposing to readers looking for eBooks. A year ago, they didn’t have a story. A few months … Continue reading

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Swiss iBookstore Now Spricht Nur Deutsch

I finally got around to upgrading my iPad to iOS5. The process took about an hour and a half from start to finish and ate up most of my free time yesterday evening so I didn’t have time to investigate … Continue reading

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William Faulkner English EBooks In The Swiss iBookstore

Judging from the continued traffic, more people than I expected are interested in books by William Faulkner. I hope my post helps them find what they’re looking for. Since the iBookstore recently opened in Switzerland, I am now able to … Continue reading

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Apple’s iBookstore Opened To Little Fanfare In Switzerland

The Apple iBookstore opened in Switzerland last Wednesday. I heard from @mikecane on Twitter, who sent me this link. Until now, the store only contained public domain Gutenberg Project titles, and the only way to get other books into the … Continue reading

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Can eBooks Save Newspapers?

Several high-profile news publications have recently released eBooks with new, exclusive and repurposed content. In PBS’ MediaShift Ideas Lab, Dan Pacheco explains Why News Organizations Should Follow HuffPost’s Lead And Try E-Books: So here’s a crazy idea for you news … Continue reading

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Amazon Gets Spammy With Kindle Advertising

My first (and possibly last) story created with Storify. Storify is a nice tool when you’d like to quickly create a story from media pulled in from around the web, so it’s a shame you can’t embed the stories you … Continue reading

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William Faulkner’s Complete Works Now Available As EBooks

Yesterday I noticed via an update from William Faulkner’s author page on Facebook that Random House has finally released all of his published works in eBook format.

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