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France: Initiative For A Higher Tax On eBooks That Are Not Interoperable

A French deputy thinks that proprietary and DRM protected eBooks should not be legally considered books and should not benefit from the fiscal advantages enjoyed by books as cultural artifacts. Last week, during a debate in the French National Assembly … Continue reading

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Does Apple Want My Money? And Other iBookstore Mysteries

Yesterday afternoon, while waiting at the hairdresser, I had time to read the teaser for Michel’s Jeury’s Le temps uncertain (Chronolysis). Things started out well. The sample I requested from iTunes on my MacBook was already waiting for me when … Continue reading

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iBookstore’s Sloppy Shelves

I’ve been waiting for quite some time for Drive by James Sallis to come to the Swiss iBookstore. From time to time, I run a check for items on my wish list. A few days ago, I was surprised to … Continue reading

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That Was Fast: eReaders Near Exit In Switzerland

It’s been a while since I’ve had a weekend free in downtown Lausanne. Yesterday I had a chance to do some shopping, and I decided to visit Payot to see how eReaders were doing since the last time I checked. … Continue reading

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Data Doesn’t Captivate Audiences, Storytellers Do

After the launch of the first eReaders, it didn’t take long for people to realize that the ability to track reading habits could provide useful information for publishers and authors interested in understanding how readers react to their work. In … Continue reading

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Why Amazon May End Up Unglued

I was surprised by the number of people interested in my short post about Amazon’s treatment of the unglued book Oral Literature in Africa. Last weekend I was in France and decided to check the price of the book on … Continue reading

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Amazon Really Doesn’t Like Free eBooks

I’m on the mailing list. There was a message from founder Eric Hellman in my inbox today letting me know that the world’s first unglued eBook, Oral Literature in Africa, is available in the iBookstore. I took a few … Continue reading

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Will Evernote Help Readers Connect eBooks?

On Monday I wrote about an interview of Evernote CEO Phil Libin in which he told Ingrid Lunden from TechCrunch that Evernote has “specific plans” to develop solutions for readers of eBooks, Evernote Planning New Features For eBook Readers. After … Continue reading

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Evernote Planning New Features For eBook Readers

In an interview with Ingrid Lunden of TechCrunch in London last month, CEO Phil Libin Discussed Evernote’s future plans. His comments focused on two areas: the “quantified self” (personal memories or life data) and eBooks: Evernote Wants To Be The … Continue reading

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Lunchtime Reading

The grocery store down the street from my employer’s main offices has a tea room just inside the entrance. I stopped by this afternoon on the way to a meeting to grab a quick sandwich and coffee for lunch. The … Continue reading

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