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Anthologies Of Authors In Translation Pulled From ReLIRE

Reaction to the launch of ReLIRE from writers and readers was strong this week, but publishers and the Bibliothèque National de France were rather quiet. François Gèze, director of the publishing house Editions La Découverte and member of the scientific … Continue reading

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Reactions To Rollout Of France’s Book Digitization Project

The reactions to the launch of the ReLIRE registry in France last week were fast and furious. Team AlexandriZ published a list of disturbing observations (link in French) about the registry. As more examples of translations and anthologies contained in … Continue reading

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Harlan Ellison, Ursula K. Le Guin Among Award-Winning Writers On French “Copyright Theft” List

While rooting around on the ReLIRE site, I discovered some big names among the English-language writers whose translated works may be found on the list. For those of you just tuning in, the ReLIRE registry is the official list of … Continue reading

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Legalized Copyright Theft Begins In France: Government Prepares To Dispossess Writers Using Public Funds

A lot has been happening in France regarding copyright, digitization and orphan works. I barely have time to follow these developments, much less to write about them in any detail. However, last week the French National Library “published” the list … Continue reading

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Aaron Swartz Freed Over 900,000 Public Domain Books From Google’s Restrictions

Today, via Lionel Maurel’s S.I. Lex blog, I learned that in addition to having downloaded over 5 million articles from JSTOR at MIT and releasing them into the public domain, Aaron Swartz also downloaded over 900,000 books from Google Books … Continue reading

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Amazon Really Doesn’t Like Free eBooks

I’m on the mailing list. There was a message from founder Eric Hellman in my inbox today letting me know that the world’s first unglued eBook, Oral Literature in Africa, is available in the iBookstore. I took a few … Continue reading

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First Copy Party, La Roche Sur Yon

Today, the University Library at La Roche Sur Yon is hosting a Copy Party. In December of last year, the copyright legislation in France was modified to stipulate that the right to make a private copy applies only to copies … Continue reading

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France Chooses Profit For Publishers Over Authors’ Rights And Public Libraries

Last week, Mike Cane alerted me to a new law that was recently passed in France: France’s Book Grab: Worse Than Google Books. The law was passed on February 23 and relates to the digitization of “unavailable books” from the … Continue reading

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Are libraries closely monitoring online access to their collections?

Things haven’t gotten any less hectic, but something happened last week that prompted me to find some time to get back to this blog. So, I’ll skip the draft that’s been languishing here for over a month (it can wait … Continue reading

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