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Who Better Hammers Out The Story? Human or Machine?

Stacy Stanek Smith of NPR recently wrote a short account of a contest between a seasoned NPR correspondent and Wordsmith, the robot journalist created by Automatic Insights. The rules for the race: Both contenders waited for Denny’s, the diner company, … Continue reading

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Tablet Phone?

While waiting for my flight at the airport this evening, I noticed this man who seemed to be using an iPad for a conference call. I didn’t recognize the application, but he seemed to have a second window on the … Continue reading

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“If they gave everyone a Mac, I’d be out of a job.”

The other day I had to request someone from IT to come by my office to fix a problem I was having with my screen resolution. The conversation went something like this, Me: I’m not sure why I couldn’t get … Continue reading

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