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Kim Stanley Robinson On Why Novels Are So Beautiful

During the past year my schedule has undergone some radical changes. I don’t have much time to watch TV or video these days, but I listen to several hours of audio every day, both radio and podcasts. The Coode Street … Continue reading

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France: Initiative For A Higher Tax On eBooks That Are Not Interoperable

A French deputy thinks that proprietary and DRM protected eBooks should not be legally considered books and should not benefit from the fiscal advantages enjoyed by books as cultural artifacts. Last week, during a debate in the French National Assembly … Continue reading

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DPLA Stands Against The Monopoly Of Knowledge

Last week I had a little time to catch up on some of the articles I had saved to read later in Instapaper. I came upon this piece from Robert Darnton in The New York Review of Books. Darnton talks … Continue reading

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See The Movie, Read The Book

Yesterday we went to the movies to see Möbius, but the showing was sold out, so we ended up going to see Cloud Atlas instead. We weren’t disappointed. The story was subtle enough to be intriguing, without being so obscure … Continue reading

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Data Doesn’t Captivate Audiences, Storytellers Do

After the launch of the first eReaders, it didn’t take long for people to realize that the ability to track reading habits could provide useful information for publishers and authors interested in understanding how readers react to their work. In … Continue reading

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Aaron Swartz Freed Over 900,000 Public Domain Books From Google’s Restrictions

Today, via Lionel Maurel’s S.I. Lex blog, I learned that in addition to having downloaded over 5 million articles from JSTOR at MIT and releasing them into the public domain, Aaron Swartz also downloaded over 900,000 books from Google Books … Continue reading

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J.K. Rowling At The Grocery Store

The woman in front of me in the checkout line bought J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy at the grocery store yesterday. I wasn’t prepared for this opportunity and wasn’t able to get my iPhone out of my purse in time … Continue reading

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The Obscure Future Of The Digital Book

Recently I stumbled across something that made me think of my first real post here on The Well-Prepared Mind over two years ago: Are we overlooking the real digital book revolution? At the time I was wondering why the digital … Continue reading

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Lunchtime Reading

The grocery store down the street from my employer’s main offices has a tea room just inside the entrance. I stopped by this afternoon on the way to a meeting to grab a quick sandwich and coffee for lunch. The … Continue reading

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Digital Graft And The Citizen’s Library

A comment on my post about France’s new legislation regarding unavailable books from the 20th century left me considering one of the core issues surrounding the digitization of these works, and I began wondering if projected revenues from their licensing … Continue reading

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