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WordPress: “My Blogs” Becomes “My Sites”

I’ve been away from this blog for the past few months while I try to work on some other projects. I’ve done some work on a few posts in the past week or so, but my time is very limited … Continue reading

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You Are Entitled To (Post) Your Informed Opinion

I stopped going to Medium regularly a long time ago. I had the impression that there was quite a lot of click bait there and it seemed like many contributors were simply using the hype around the platform to advertise … Continue reading

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Widespread WordPress Mobile Settings Bug

This morning I noticed a problem with the appearance of one of my WordPress blogs. Posts on the homepage were being displayed as excerpts. Yesterday, that was not the case. I soon noticed that it wasn’t just one of my … Continue reading

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Creating A New Blog With The WordPress iPhone App

Last week Mike Cane told me to stop giving Twitter images. Here’s why. I decided to follow his example and create a new photo blog. As Mike pointed out, Twitter integrates WordPress media into its inline previews, so when I … Continue reading

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Mobile Blogging On The iPhone

Last month I spent a week at a cross-country rally in Poland and Germany blogging from my iPhone. I hadn’t planned from the start to blog the event because I wasn’t sure it would be possible, but when I got … Continue reading

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Your Blog’s Traffic Stats May Be Wrong

Last month after having seen a few articles describing errors in traffic sources by analytics solutions that fail to correctly identify referring sites, I wrote about some informal tests I had been doing with my blog. Since then, I’ve had … Continue reading

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Social Media Is Dead, Long Live Social Media!

Last week I read an article on Memeburn that really bothered me, The demise of social media and the return of mass media. I don’t want to pick on anyone, but I’ve seen too many similar articles in the last … Continue reading

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Why you should care about #missingtweets

More things keep happening to distract me. This time it’s Twitter (as if Twitter isn’t distracting enough). First let me say that I’m a big Twitter fan. Maybe it’s the idealist in me, but I believe in the ethos of … Continue reading

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