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Swiss Watch Industry Enjoying The Spotlight

The reaction of the Swiss Watch Industry to the Apple watch was on the evening news today. I saw the segment with subtitles for the hearing impaired on the overhead television at the gym. The video showed Nick Hayek, CEO … Continue reading

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Does Apple Want My Money? And Other iBookstore Mysteries

Yesterday afternoon, while waiting at the hairdresser, I had time to read the teaser for Michel’s Jeury’s Le temps uncertain (Chronolysis). Things started out well. The sample I requested from iTunes on my MacBook was already waiting for me when … Continue reading

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The Vast Wasteland Of Online Music

A few weeks ago, I wasted the better part of an afternoon looking for the right piece of music for a video I was putting together. Online music is vast wasteland of crap served up by cloggy JavaScript sites with … Continue reading

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Real Life People Don’t Care About Apple’s Design Philosophy

I saw Apple’s Designed By Apple In California ad on TV yesterday. When you have to explain your design philosophy to people, when you have to explain to them that your products are special because of how they make people … Continue reading

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Why Do I Have 3 Maps Apps On My Phone?

A few weeks ago, while on the road, I received an SMS with the location of a meeting place in longitude and latitude. Since the GPS wasn’t plugged in, I decided to try finding the location with my phone. I … Continue reading

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TV Chat: The Next Big Thing?

Last week, Grant McCracken suggested that Apple’s next big product might be an Apple TV enabling telecommunications and telecommuting so good it would revolutionize business, travel and education. This week, I saw this in the TV Guide: The headline says … Continue reading

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iBookstore’s Sloppy Shelves

I’ve been waiting for quite some time for Drive by James Sallis to come to the Swiss iBookstore. From time to time, I run a check for items on my wish list. A few days ago, I was surprised to … Continue reading

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Does Apple Hate French?

An unexpected side-effect of upgrading my iPhone to iOS6, the App Store is now entirely in German. Although I know what schließen means, unfortunately, I don’t really speak German anymore.

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Why The Hate For The Apple Genius Ads?

Returning from vacation, I found my Twitter stream and blog feeds overrun with criticisms of the Genius ads unveiled by Apple during the Olympics. I got around to watching all three of them on Monday. I should’ve dashed off the … Continue reading

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Lead User Innovation: TouchFire iPad Screen-Top Keyboard

When Apple released the iPad I couldn’t wait. A friend in the US who didn’t understand what all the fuss was about ordered one and sent it to me. I was sure it would be perfect for most of what … Continue reading

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