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France: Initiative For A Higher Tax On eBooks That Are Not Interoperable

A French deputy thinks that proprietary and DRM protected eBooks should not be legally considered books and should not benefit from the fiscal advantages enjoyed by books as cultural artifacts. Last week, during a debate in the French National Assembly … Continue reading

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Why Amazon May End Up Unglued

I was surprised by the number of people interested in my short post about Amazon’s treatment of the unglued book Oral Literature in Africa. Last weekend I was in France and decided to check the price of the book on … Continue reading

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Amazon Really Doesn’t Like Free eBooks

I’m on the mailing list. There was a message from founder Eric Hellman in my inbox today letting me know that the world’s first unglued eBook, Oral Literature in Africa, is available in the iBookstore. I took a few … Continue reading

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Hulu For Books Is A Great Idea, Just Don’t Do It Like Hulu

Earlier this week, Mike Cane published a fantastic idea, The Hulu For Books That Never Was. The formation of Hulu should have been a wake-up call to the Big Six of publishing. They too should have banded together to form … Continue reading

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Which Is Right For You? Specs Aren’t Even Half The Story

Seems like it’s official: the tablet wars have started. I saw this post, Kindle Fire vs. iPad: Which is right for you? today via @e_reading on Twitter. Doug Gross compares the announced price and features of the Kindle Fire with … Continue reading

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