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New Twitter Email Metric: Tweet Views

Twitter seems to have added a new feature to its email options. Today I received a message with the subject “doctorlaura, check out your week on Twitter.” In the body of the message it said “See which of your Tweets … Continue reading

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Tech Takes Backseat To Cars At The Geneva Motor Show

Last weekend I spent a few hours at the Geneva Motor Show. For a number of years, it was an annual pilgrimage for me, but it’s been a year or two since the last time I went. I hadn’t planned … Continue reading

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Powerful Connections

My schedule has become almost impossible, but despite my lack of time, there’s no escaping news of the ominous situation unfolding in Ukraine. The story so far in 100 words or less: Ukrainians take to the streets to protest President … Continue reading

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If I Could See Through Your Eyes

Something amazing happened today. I stumbled upon an unanswered question I first puzzled over a long time ago. Oddly enough, I remember vividly the first time I explained it to my best friend. I think we had just started High … Continue reading

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You Are Entitled To (Post) Your Informed Opinion

I stopped going to Medium regularly a long time ago. I had the impression that there was quite a lot of click bait there and it seemed like many contributors were simply using the hype around the platform to advertise … Continue reading

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Taking Pictures With A Tablet In Ethiopia

We don’t need photographs documenting how people take pictures and videos with tablets anymore, but I liked this one so much I asked for a copy. It was taken at the Timkat celebration of Epiphany in Addis Ababa, and I … Continue reading

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I really like this fruit bowl. It’s filled with real fruit (or at least what looks and tastes like real fruit), not the impossibly perfect-looking kind you find at the supermarket that disappoints you on the first bite with its … Continue reading

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Over The Rainbow

Earlier this week, I noticed that some of the Christmas lights in Lausanne were still up. As I was walking down the Rue St. Laurent I realized that the brightly colored cubes weren’t just lights, but were part of an … Continue reading

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The Death Of The Letter

I enjoy the website Letters of Note, which is full of gems such as this letter from Albert Camus to his school teacher, written just after Camus had been awarded the Nobel Prize. French speakers can find the original in … Continue reading

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The Power Of Giving

I don’t often go downtown on the way to work these days, but I had an errand to do this morning. On my way to catch the bus, I passed a young man sleeping at the entrance to the pedestrian … Continue reading

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