In my day job, I manage technological innovations for a worldwide supplier of integrated security solutions. However, this is my personal blog, and the topics I choose to write about may or may not be topics that are relevant to my employer. In any case, the opinions represented here are mine alone and in no way reflect the position or opinion of any of my employers: past, present or future.

Inspired by Louis Pasteur, who said (my translation), “Fortune only smiles upon the well-prepared mind,” the title reflects my hope that keeping this blog will help prepare my mind for future discoveries and ideas.

The header image is from a Photomicrograph of Insect Wings taken by William Henry Fox Talbot around 1840 and currently housed in the National Media Museum. The picture can be found here in The Commons area of flickr.

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3 Responses to About

  1. Corinne says:

    Great title, great quote. Now, food for thought… how does a mind prepare well? how is a blog helping there? why would it be helping your mind specifically, couldn’t it also be helpful for your readers? I’m curious ;-)

    • laura says:

      You always ask good questions! I think you prepare your mind the same way you prepare your body for sports: by doing regular training exercises, spending time where you are strong to stay strong and pushing the envelope where you want to improve. You also have to eat and sleep well; I’m not so good at that. The blog helps enormously because it makes you clarify your thoughts; the simple fact of putting them on paper in a way others can understand is valuable and sometimes people answer, and they help you find even more good ideas! It also serves as a nice place for notes, albeit public ones, to remember what you thought about something in the past. I hope it will be helpful for my readers too, but I confess my reasons for starting it were entirely selfish.

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