I really like this fruit bowl. It’s filled with real fruit (or at least what looks and tastes like real fruit), not the impossibly perfect-looking kind you find at the supermarket that disappoints you on the first bite with its watery blandness.

The juice from these oranges is divine. The pears are juicy and sweet.

I won’t buy perfect fruit anymore. Who wants that?

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2 Responses to Fruit

  1. richfinck says:

    Nice shot. As for the perfect fruit, I bought two apples at worlds largest retailer. Cut them in half, so dog and I could have snack. Both were brown inside even though they looked perfect on the outside. Now I am afraid to purchase again, so now I’m trying another store. Even went so far as to get blueberries and skipped apples. Found out that when local blueberries are out of season, the Chile imports are the best. I now feel better as I thought I was the only one having this experience. Thanks for sharing.

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