Over The Rainbow

Earlier this week, I noticed that some of the Christmas lights in Lausanne were still up.


As I was walking down the Rue St. Laurent I realized that the brightly colored cubes weren’t just lights, but were part of an audio-visual display. As I passed under each one I heard a chime, and the cube changed colors.



I suppose the camera detects people moving under the cube, which triggers the chime.


I hadn’t noticed this before the holidays, but there were so many people in the streets that it was probably lost in the noise.

According to the Lausanne Festival des Lumières website this work is called “Over The Rainbow” and was created by Alexandre Hurzeler.

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One Response to Over The Rainbow

  1. richfinck says:

    Interesting and creative as well as high tech as far as decorations go. Thanks for sharing. Nice Sony store.

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