Google Keeps Trying To Get My Phone Number

Google tries a new page to convince me to give them my phone number.

Google Bandit Snap


Hey Google, I Don’t Want To Give You My Phone Number

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5 Responses to Google Keeps Trying To Get My Phone Number

  1. Ric Day says:

    “Security Purposes” presumably includes those of the NSA…

  2. richfinck says:

    They didn’t get mine either. I want a clear line for when the NSA wants me.

  3. I had a Top Secret (Codeword) Security Clearance when I was in the military, and I worked at NSA. The aluminum venetian blinds, always closed…. The 20-foot-wide world map that covered one wall…. The black velour desk drapes and wall map curtains…. They’re not really interested in Joe Blow. So, don’t sweat it. But Google is a different kettle of fish.

  4. Mika Hakkinen says:

    Google will never, never rest until it has all of your personal information.

    Just to keep you more secure, you understand [rollseyes]

  5. richfinck says:

    Didn’t get one either. I get enough junk calls. I remind these callers I’m on the no call list.

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