iBookstore’s Sloppy Shelves

I’ve been waiting for quite some time for Drive by James Sallis to come to the Swiss iBookstore. From time to time, I run a check for items on my wish list. A few days ago, I was surprised to see that Drive is now available. In fact, it now has two listings.

Drive in iTunes Store Snap

One of the listings is priced at 6.00 Swiss Francs and the other at 6.50. What’s going on here?

I examined both items. Both have 192 pages and are published by Oldcastle Books. The 6.00 Franc version was published on May 26, 2011,

Drive 6.00 inspector

and the 6.50 Franc version was published on April 26, 2012.

Drive 6.50 inspector

I downloaded samples of both to see if I could find any significant differences.

Here are the cover and copyright pages of the first one,

Drive 6.00 sample cover

Drive 6.00 copyright page

Here are the cover and copyright pages of the second one.

Drive 6.50 sample cover

Drive 6.50 copyright page

The only difference I can find aside from the different cover picture is a short bio of James Sallis in the more recent version, along with a list of his work and a few pages of “blurbs.”

James Sallis bio Snap


I guess someone thinks that’s worth 50 centimes.

I’m still surprised that Apple is so sloppy about this. What is the point of having two virtually identical books in an eBook store with different prices?

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4 Responses to iBookstore’s Sloppy Shelves

  1. SB says:

    No apple fanboy but this is stupid. Apple does not publish the book, the publisher listed the book twice!

    • laura says:

      I could understand this in a store that sells physical things, but it doesn’t make sense for digital wares. Apple is responsible for what they stock in their store. They should have caught it.

  2. Nate says:

    There’s also the huge watermark across the first image,

    • laura says:

      I wondered if that was just because it was a sample, but you’re right. It shouldn’t be. The blame is on Oldcastle Books for that one.

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