Creating A New Blog With The WordPress iPhone App

Last week Mike Cane told me to stop giving Twitter images.

Here’s why.

I decided to follow his example and create a new photo blog. As Mike pointed out, Twitter integrates WordPress media into its inline previews, so when I tweet a URL to a post there, the photo will display inline on the Twitter website using the View Media button.

Since mobile web use continues to grow, I decided to take the opportunity to see if it was possible to create a suitable blog entirely from the WordPress app on my iPhone.

Clicking ‘Add blog’ from the Settings page led me to the process for creating a new WordPress blog,

From here, creating the blog was easy, but the user experience was extremely poor.

Creating a blog requires just two pieces of information, the desired URL and the blog title. However, the explanatory text doesn’t display in full on the iPhone.

The problem is even worse if you zoom in.

It’s possible to scroll by sliding your finger across the page, but the text doesn’t reflow to match the iPhone screen size. Fortunately, creating a blog isn’t new for me, so I wasn’t put off by the inconvenience.

I entered my URL and title and clicked ‘Create Blog.’

Since my URL was available, with that one click, my new blog was ready.

Here, unfortunately, everything broke down, because after creating the blog, the first thing I wanted to check was the theme. It wasn’t possible to tell what theme had been picked by viewing the blog from the iPhone app, and navigating the dashboard was even trickier than creating the blog had been.

Landscape mode wasn’t much better.

To see the whole dashboard, there are two areas that must be scrolled independently, the menu of actions on the left hand side of the page and the content area on the right.

It wasn’t really useful to try to select and preview themes from the app,

so I switched over to my MacBook to finish adjusting the blog settings.

It makes sense that WordPress wants users to be able to create blogs from their WordPress app. However, I don’t understand why they haven’t corrected the screen display for this action. It doesn’t seem like a difficult change, and I wonder how many new users have been scared off by the poor graphics and hassle of navigation.

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