Twitter Auto-Follow Fake-Out

Ever had the feeling that Twitter is auto-following new followers even when you have the auto-follow option turned off? Well, it seems a UI bug might be giving you that impression erroneously.

Here’s a screen snap I made while browsing followers from my profile page. I’ve blacked out the user name, because the account looked like a spammer. I was surprised to see that Twitter had marked “Following” for a new follower that I had never interacted with before. On closer inspection, when I clicked for a preview of their profile, the “Follow” button was white, as it is when I am not following someone.

Perplexed by the inconsistency, I browsed the user’s full profile. Again, the Follow button was white, despite the fact that on my Followers page, I was listed as following.

To remove all doubt, I checked DoesFollow: I was in fact not following this user.

I’ve seen this bug at least twice now, but it only happens on some users.

If all that sounds confusing: well, it is. Don’t be tricked into thinking Twitter has automatically followed someone for you without checking first.

Since I can’t find a way to submit a bug report to Twitter, this post will be my bug report, and I’ll tweet it to @Support.

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