Advertisement: Join The One Percent

The gym where I work out recently added Bloomberg TV on the overhead monitors. I was surprised to see a parody of the Occupy Wall Street movement in this tongue-in-cheek commercial suggesting that viewers could use Interactive Brokers and join the 1%.

Clearly Interactive Brokers thinks this humor will resonate with the demographic of their target clientele.

The commercial seems to be in heavy rotation. I saw it once yesterday and twice today in the space of 30 minutes.

I also noticed this headline: First election campaign since Watergate entirely financed by private donors.

Things don’t seem to be headed in the right direction.

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5 Responses to Advertisement: Join The One Percent

  1. You better believe this is a joke. The 1% wants your money , but rest assured they do not want to run into you at the country club.

  2. First public financed election is also not exactly true. The super pacs are now running the country. Check the donor lists.

  3. Il nous reste à choisir notre camp! ou réinventer la politique, l’économie…
    Pour te rappeler des souvenirs déjà lointains… as-tu lu son livre? quelques pistes à explorer:

    • laura says:

      It’s always refreshing to take the attitude that we can in fact change the world. No, I haven’t read the book. Did you write a post about it?

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