eReaders Go Mainstream In Switzerland?

Yesterday, I passed by the FNAC in Lausanne during opening hours and had a chance to pop in to see what was new.

I noticed that they had moved the eReaders from the locked glass display case in the mobile phone section of the store to an open area alongside laptops and tablets. I’m not sure exactly when that happened, but I did not notice it when I visited the store before Christmas. This move sends the signal that eReaders are becoming less of a novelty, early adopter product in Switzerland–or at least FNAC is adopting a strategy to make them so.

On display were models from iRiver, Kobo, Sony, and Bookeen. There were two LCD screen readers, an Archos 70 eReader and the MPMan Color eBook 7. The two Bookeen models were the Odyssey and Orizon Cybor10.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to play with any of them because I didn’t have much time and most needed to have their batteries recharged anyway. I’d especially like to see the Kobo, so I’ll try to make time to slip back there sometime soon to try it.

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