Allegedly Unlawful Google Search Results Removed

I was looking for a quote this evening in Google on my iPhone, when to my surprise, I saw this message on the second page of results:

I didn’t remember having seen that before so I followed the link to ChillingEffects:

I tried to compare the search results to see if I could identify the URL that was removed, but the result sets were too different. If you’d like to try for yourself, you may click here.

When I repeated my search on FireFox on my MacBook a few minutes ago, I didn’t see this message again, and I managed to find the quote I was looking for in GoogleBooks. It is from page 25 of Technocivilisation by René Berger and Solange Ghernaouti-Hélie,

Le mythe nous rappelle que toute innovation technique est à double face, non pas, comme on le dit prosaïquement, selon le bon ou mauvais usage qu’on en fait, mais selon le changement qu’elle opère dans la distribution et l’exercice du pouvoir. Elle enlève le pouvoir à certains pour le donner d’autres, en changeant la réalité pour tous.

The myth reminds us that all technical innovation has two-sides, not, as is commonly thought, according to the good or bad use that one makes of it, but according to the change that it makes in the distribution and exercise of power. It takes power from some and gives it to others, by changing the reality for everyone.

I think that deserves its own post, but that’s for another time.

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