A Kindhearted Breakfast

An early appointment took me into town this morning. On my way to catch the bus around 8:30, I took the covered underground passage beneath the main street that passes through the center of town.

It was rainy, cold and windy. Just beyond the entrance, well-sheltered from the elements, a homeless person was still asleep in his sleeping bag beside the wall. It was the same young person I saw sleeping outside on the bench beside the bus stop a few weeks ago.

A handwritten cardboard sign propped up beside him said that he was homeless, didn’t have a job and needed money to live. You never can tell about homeless people, unless you know their story. I don’t know his, and I don’t feel comfortable having taken his picture, but I was struck by the items that had been placed beside his sign. Someone, or perhaps several people, had left him breakfast : a coffee, two items from the bakery just a few steps away, and a mandarine. There was also a yellow package from the post office. I’m not sure what that was about or what might have been inside.

I often have mixed feelings when I see homeless people like that, but compassion is a big part of the mix. It made me feel good to see the caring of others, also strangers to me, who felt compassion too.

I wonder though, is this scene a common one? Do strangers buy breakfast for homeless people in other cities of the world? Or do they just walk on by?

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One Response to A Kindhearted Breakfast

  1. mikecane says:

    Yeah, some do.

    Then you get the prick who was on the subway and was offered a sandwich and turned it down because there was HAM in it. The insulted woman let everyone know he damn well could have thrown away the ham and just ate the cheese and bread! Hungry, my ass!

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