Is Reading On Your Phone Making You Go Blind?

The guy sitting in front of me at the Swiss @-print conference today spent some time browsing through articles on his iPhone when the speaker’s topic didn’t interest him.

That’s a cropped version of a zoomed image I took with my 3GS camera, and it’s rather grainy. I don’t know if you can see just how small the text was on his screen, but it was pretty small. From what I could see, I’d guess he had about a third of an A4 page displayed horizontally on the iPhone screen. In that case, the text would have been about 60% of its printed size at best, and most scientific journals aren’t known for their large easy-to-read type.

Since I got my first iPhone, my nearsightedness, which had stabilized over the past years, seems to be getting worse again. I even had to get reading glasses. I know a few other people who have complained of the same thing since they’ve gotten an iPhone, too. It would be interesting to know if we’re part of a larger trend.

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2 Responses to Is Reading On Your Phone Making You Go Blind?

  1. mikecane says:

    Fondled the iPhone 4s today. Hadn’t touched an iPhone 4 for months and months. Was shocked at how damn teeny the thing was, especially after fondling an iPad. I was surprised people could even hold the iPhone 4s without it slipping from their hands. He probably didn’t want to pinch zoom or was stuck reading something that couldn’t reflow.

    • laura says:

      Yes, I think it was a pdf. The best you can do with those is landscape zoom to fit the width of the text on the page. Even so it’s only really useful for emergency reading.

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