Tintin In Hollywood

I haven’t been to see The Adventures of Tintin yet, but when I went to the Casino supermarket in France last weekend I got a taste of what to expect.

A big display was set up in the book section.

Casterman has released several new books to accompany the film: the novel of the film, the album of the film, a book of stickers and three other children’s books. According to the publisher’s Director of Marketing [article in French], more than 500,000 copies were forecast for the six books derived from the film along with new copies of the original albums. Presumably, this figure only refers to French-language editions.

The company in charge of commercializing the work of Hergé, Moulinsart, reportedly has a strong desire to keep the world of the film well-separated from that of the original albums. Look what they’ve done to the album!

That’s not a comic book album!

It doesn’t even have the character of the originals, as shown below.

Tintin is a cultural reference in Belgium, France and Switzerland. Here, every kid knows Hergé’s Tintin. Perhaps Steven Spielberg’s reinterpretation will appeal to Americans or to the younger generation, but most of those who grew up reading the series may be surprised to see what has happened to the comic books they loved.

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