Finding Titles In The iBookstore: Do You Feel Lucky?

Searching the iBookstore for titles is almost as maddening as searching the Appstore for apps, and I don’t understand why that is still such a mess.

Searching this evening for titles by Maurice G. Dantec, I noticed that searching by the author’s last name seems to trigger a spell-check, and there’s no way to turn it off. Instead of getting results for “Dantec,” the results are automatically replaced with results for “Dante.”

Searching for “Maurice Dantec” solves the problem, although it’s disappointing that these are the only two titles in the store, and I wonder why the original French text isn’t available, especially in French-speaking Switzerland!

Apple gets practically everything right about the customer experience, except for search in the online store.

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3 Responses to Finding Titles In The iBookstore: Do You Feel Lucky?

  1. mikecane says:

    Scott Forstall is in charge of all this. He apparently follows in the footsteps of Jobs, who didn’t give a damn about eBooks or metadata. Fortsall, btw, is why devices run on OS X-based iOS. He flayed his troops to get it done. His team was in competition with Fadell of iPod fame, who was trying to do a Linux-based OS for Apple devices. Forstall thinks he’s also in line to head Apple some day. God help us all.

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