The Other America

I was startled to see this poster on my way to the store this morning, almost as if images of my recent thoughtful preoccupations were being projected onto the billboards in the streets.

L’autre Amérique is an exhibition at L’Elysée, a museum of photography in Lausanne. On display are works of three photographers, each one telling a different story from the United States. They are:

Mitch Epstein: American Power;

Frank Schramm: Stand-ups — Reporting Live From Ground Zero;

Saul Leiter: Early Color.

The exhibit opened almost a month ago and runs through November 11th 20th. I don’t know if that poster has been there for four weeks, and I just didn’t see it, or whether it’s new. In any case, I’ve been meaning to visit L’Elysée for some time now, and this gives me a great reason to do so.

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