Which Is Right For You? Specs Aren’t Even Half The Story

Seems like it’s official: the tablet wars have started. I saw this post, Kindle Fire vs. iPad: Which is right for you? today via @e_reading on Twitter.

Doug Gross compares the announced price and features of the Kindle Fire with an Apple iPad. Interesting, but ultimately meaningless. Yes, price is a very important factor, but as for the rest, it’s much less of the story than you might think.

The specs of my new PC laptop are just as impressive as my MacBook’s, maybe better, but I’d still choose my MacBook over my PC every time because it’s just so much easier to use. It’s not the camera, the microphone, the GSM data or the GPS that make the device work. It’s the software, and it’s the way the software works with the hardware.

My BlackBerry has a GPS and Google maps, but they’re practically unusable for me because I find the interface so clumsy.

If Amazon gets the Kindle Fire experience right, and we won’t know until someone gets their hands on one, then you can start to worry about which one has a camera or which one has longer battery life. Until then, it doesn’t really matter.

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