Twitter Is Down

Twitter seems to be down, as I discovered after spending about 20 minutes trying to upload a photo in various ways. After trying to login with several 3rd-party services, none of which were working, I checked the website, and it seemed to be down too. Well and good it was, because there wasn’t even a Fail Whale.

I felt like someone had disconnected my phone in the middle of a conversation.

I tried a number of sources to see if I could find out what was happening:

Twitter Status didn’t have any live information about the downtime, and a Google real-time search didn’t turn up much either. Mashable is usually a good source, but said nothing. I found a discussion on Yahoo!Answers as well as a short news item on HuffPo. I noticed that lots of people seemed to be posting on their personal blogs about the outtage too.

It struck me how vulnerable we all are when the Internet services we use to work and communicate go down. There’s no help line to call, no reliable service status data. We’re just stuck in the dark. It’s absolutely amazing that we’ve all come to rely so much on services that are so, well, unreliable.

DownRightNow came up in my web searches too. I hadn’t heard of this site, but it seems to be trying to fill this need. At the moment it only provides information on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s what it shows for Twitter now as I’m typing this post:

Of course, that’s a great idea and a noble effort, but what we really want to have is some official information from Twitter to let us know what’s going on.

I’ve got a headache that just seems to be getting worse and worse, and I wanted to send a few Tweets before signing off for bed. I took a prescription mega-dose of Ibuprofen a little while ago, which is not helping my head much but has made me very sleepy.

So before I go, here’s the picture I was trying to upload when all this started. It’s for @mikecane and @richfinck: Hey guys, over here!

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2 Responses to Twitter Is Down

  1. mikecane says:

    What the hell was that for dinner? And it wasn’t Twitter that was out. There was some huge Net outage itself going on. It didn’t affect me. #smug

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