Hey Google, I Don’t Want To Give You My Phone Number!

Google is starting to get more insistent about wanting my phone number. I had to look for a second to see the small link that lets me continue without giving in.

Google already has a second email account address as well as security questions. Honestly, I can’t imagine how having my phone number makes my account any more secure. Actually, come to think of it, couldn’t they just look it up in the phone book? Geesh!

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7 Responses to Hey Google, I Don’t Want To Give You My Phone Number!

  1. Carson says:

    Ya.. i think it’s bullshit. and definately crossing the line.. we should publisize it somewhere. Even big companies like google can be drasticly hurt by a few small public statements.. for instance a yahoo home page.. that’s just one of many options.. the phone number is way to manipulative.. it’s bull shit..

  2. aaron says:

    i totally agree i didnt upgrade my youtube account because of that

  3. krisia says:

    they collect private browser info too. do no harm…please.

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  5. amex says:

    hey everyone. i am sorry that google becomes the huge personal data collector company in the world. i said this after i look at the permissions of almost 75% of its applications why is that? google let me ask you few questions:
    – why your applications ask for deep permissions for being installed?
    – why users cannot have control over google’s applications which run by themselves?
    – why your search results become full of waste and full of android applications from your playstore?

    due to such features on google products i decided to close my google account. just waiting for a period of one month if google may be revising some features

    do you hear me google, dont do such evil by using your loyal name. because when the day comes everybody will know what, why, you have done, then finally you will lose everything!!!
    try to focus on your customers need, hear us!!!!!!

  6. Florin says:

    Yes I agree too.
    But if you can circumvent de phone number when you create the account, when google detects unusual activity on your account, for example: if you try to access your account from 2 computers in the same LAN, one for Gmail (even with a pop3 client like Evolution or Thunderbird) and one for Gdrive, you will be disconnected and google will ask for your phone to send a confirmation code. And from this point forward you do not have any other option than this type of ID confirmation. End of line people. Give your phone no. or get lost. This is from my experience.
    It’s a big bullshit.
    So the US Gov. will spy your phone to listen and to track your position…That’s the reason.
    They are too intrusive… They are not satisfiyed with proxying every link you access from the google results page, now they need also your phone to hear you, to track you and to spy on your phone address book.

  7. Martina Vaslovik says:

    Google has been harassing me for my phone number for a while now, and I’m not going to give them that. They have already given the secondary email address on my Gmail account to spammers, and there’s no way I’m going to give them my phone number to sell off to telemarketers and scammers. It’s clear that’s what would happen, and I’d be deluged with spam text messages and endless scam and marketing calls. I’m deleting my Gmail account and doing all I can to reduce my exposure to Google. They have really stepped over the line with this move. Just last night they tried to claim that an attempt was made to access my Gmail account by some hacker, which I do not in the least believe. They lied and they want my phone number? I don’t think so!

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