Rebecca Black’s Moment

Yesterday Rebecca Black released her much awaited new music video “My Moment.” While the song isn’t as catchy as “Friday,” it’s an upbeat, feel-good tune that features authentic, smiling and talented teens dancing, singing and enjoying their time in the spotlight. Some people might even be surprised to discover that Rebecca Black has real talent! What’s not to like about that?

Well, it seems some people found something not to like. I happened to see someone tweet the video just after it was released and managed to catch a few revealing screensnaps on YouTube.

Here are the stats for the video when it had only 302 views at 11:41pm Western European Summer Time (WEST):

Notice that while the video has only been viewed 302 times, it already has 3,364 Likes and 2,285 Dislikes!

Overnight, the video received a few tens of thousands of views. At 8:45 am WEST it had 51,506 views; 43,335 Likes and 72,783 Dislikes.

At 5:03pm WEST, I checked back. “My Moment” had passed the 1 million views mark (in just over 8 hours!) and now showed 66,387 Likes and 106,597 Dislikes.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that 68% of the Dislikes were within the first 50 thousand views, and at least 20% of them came from people who didn’t even watch the video!

It’s a shame that the Friday video was taken down over a copyright dispute; all the statistics on views, Likes and Dislikes for that video have been lost. It’s hard to believe that a video with over 160 million views could have been so disliked. Based on the above, I’m guessing that it probably wasn’t, and I’m not the first to say so.

As I sat down to write this post, I checked back for the latest snap. Over 2 million views. 1 million additional views in about 5 hours.

I’m happy. Happy for Rebecca Black, and yes more than a little happy to see that all those so-called music and Internet pundits who thought that it was so awful and that everyone hated it were wrong. All wrong.

Just in case you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is. See if it doesn’t make you feel happy too.

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