I snapped this picture while I was walking around town at lunchtime this week.  As cats will, this one seems to own the entrance to the Théâtre Boulimie in Lausanne. Boulimie has the same meaning as bulimia in English. Although the cat’s attitude reminds me a little more of phlegm, as do cats in general, the posture of the cat and the name of the theatre struck me as appropriate.

Cat Outside The Théâtre Boulimie

Boulimie was originally the title of a cabaret performed by students and young professional actors at the theatre of the University of Lausanne. The piece was successful and became the official cabaret of the Swiss National Exposition in 1964. The troupe continued other performances throughout Switzerland, taking their name from the title of their first play.  In 1970 they established the Théâtre Boulimie in the present location and present a regular program of theatrical performances representing comedy in all its forms.

Background and current program on the theatre’s website (in French): Théâtre Boulimie

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