What is wrong with people?

Today via a link to an interesting article in The Guardian posted on LinkedIn by Luca Toledo, I  found an amazing video from a camera sent into space by a 7 year old boy and his father.

Luke and Max Geissbühler and their spacecraft

Think about that.  Isn’t that amazing? A 7 year old kid and his dad send a camera into space on a weather balloon, film the trip, use an iPhone as a GPS system to find the camera when it lands and recover the video. That is utterly amazing! It should be an inspiration to dreamers everywhere.

So I tweeted it.

Nobody retweeted it. Then it occured to me: What’s wrong with people?

Thirteen year old Rebecca Black makes a music video paid for by her parents and gets over 100 million views on YouTube in a month, but a 7 year old kid gets only 267,043 views in 6 months for having sent a camera into space? Now I’m not picking on Rebecca Black. I was genuinely impressed by what she and all the creative people who responded to her did, but there is simply no comparison between her video and this one:

Come on people, get inspired and inspire others! Tweet, Facebook, Stumble and Tumble and get the word out. Make this spacecraft video “go viral!”

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4 Responses to What is wrong with people?

  1. mikecane says:

    >>>Nobody retweeted it.

    As far as you could tell. Twitter is very bad about tracking that sort of thing. And it’s important for people to see that too. Otherwise they think they’re tweeting into a void. Ahem.

    • laura says:

      Yes, good point. I did a quick check before I wrote that, but as we both know most Twitter search options give incomplete results at best.

  2. Axeloide says:

    The explanation is easy. That vid is pretty old, it was tweeted and retweeted a few months ago. People interested in such kind of topic are unlikely to retweet it once again.

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