WordPress: “My Blogs” Becomes “My Sites”

I’ve been away from this blog for the past few months while I try to work on some other projects. I’ve done some work on a few posts in the past week or so, but my time is very limited these days. I might not get around to finishing them. I’ll be back, but I’m not sure yet when.

This evening I noticed that WordPress has made some UI changes. Instead of a page that lets me access “My Blogs,” it now refers to “My Sites.” I’m not sure when this change went live, but I have no doubt that it reflects an evolution in their user base.

WordPress My Sites Page

That they now refer to “sites” instead of “blogs” sends a clear message that WordPress is and wants to be seen as more than just a blogging platform. I have the impression that this has been true for some time now, so in a way I find it surprising that they only now got around to making this change.

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TV Host As YouTube Everyman

French TV channel M6’s Sunday morning automobile show Turbo has been using camcorder footage in its latest test drives. Below are a few scenes from the April 13th episode. Producer and host Dominique Chapatte and Safet Rastoder are taking the McLaren 650 for a test drive. Each of the last few episodes has featured a test drive in which Rastoder uses a camcorder to film Chapatte and the interior of the cabin.

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Turkey Twitter Ban? Ankara Is Hot!

According to the Washington Post, Turkey has strengthened its Twitter ban by blocking Twitter at the IP level.

The Web 3.0 Lab has an interesting app called Happan.in that shows Twitter activity levels at any location around the world. According to their app, major cities in Turkey are hotspots of Twitter activity. Ankara is currently shown as Very Hot with 269 Tweets an hour.

Tweet Meter Ankara Snap

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan doesn’t get it. “The hacker always wins.”

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New Twitter Email Metric: Tweet Views

Twitter seems to have added a new feature to its email options. Today I received a message with the subject “doctorlaura, check out your week on Twitter.”

Twitter Top Tweets Email Snap

In the body of the message it said “See which of your Tweets helped you make connections, got people excited, and started your friends talking.” Then it summarized my Tweet views, retweets and replies.

This is the first time I’ve seen Twitter display Tweet views. They’re not available in the timeline, and I haven’t found any mention of this new feature elsewhere.

I’m curious to know how Twitter calculates the number of views, which doesn’t seem like an easy problem.

Update: It has been pointed out that Twitter gives such statistics on its ad platform. The interesting thing here is that this is the first time I’ve seen Tweet views being reported for regular users.

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Tech Takes Backseat To Cars At The Geneva Motor Show

Last weekend I spent a few hours at the Geneva Motor Show. For a number of years, it was an annual pilgrimage for me, but it’s been a year or two since the last time I went. I hadn’t planned to do a post about this, but I saw a few things that I thought were interesting enough to share.

Overall I didn’t notice many changes at the show. The hall was quite crowded on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I thought there was less of a throng downstairs around the professional stands for accessories and tools than in years past, but PalExpo seems to have changed the traffic flow, so it was difficult to tell if there were fewer people there or if they were just entering the hall at a different place.

I had expected to see some interesting tech following the press from this year’s CES where automotive solutions were one of the big stories of the show. Although some of that technology was on display, it was relegated to a supporting role.

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Powerful Connections

My schedule has become almost impossible, but despite my lack of time, there’s no escaping news of the ominous situation unfolding in Ukraine.

The story so far in 100 words or less: Ukrainians take to the streets to protest President Viktor Yanukovych’s decisions on foreign relations, chase him from power and provoke a world crisis as Russian President Vladimir Putin refuses to accept the outcome and occupies strategic sites in the country, drawing Western Europe and the US, NATO, into a standoff.

Watching the morning news on Euronews last week, I was struck by how clearly the balance of power has changed. We look on as in country after country people band together in apparently spontaneous demonstrations with far-reaching consequences.

It’s hard to believe it’s just a coincidence that all these uprisings are occurring now. In fact, it seems more likely that some sort of contagion is infecting societies one by one and that technology is a major factor both as a vector of ideological contamination and as a tactical resource that tips the balance by giving everyday people the information they need to coordinate their efforts.

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If I Could See Through Your Eyes

Something amazing happened today. I stumbled upon an unanswered question I first puzzled over a long time ago.

Oddly enough, I remember vividly the first time I explained it to my best friend. I think we had just started High School. We used to hang out together at her house and we were both kind of nerdy so we talked about science and things we saw on Cosmos and all sorts of other nerdy things. I thought she was smarter than I was, so I was a little disappointed that she didn’t seem interested in discussing my question.

Later on in college I mentioned my question to a few of my professors, most of whom told me they were impressed that I wondered about these things when I was so young, but no one had any answers for me.

Today, in Steven Pinker’s How The Mind Works, I was amazed to see my question among the list of some of the hardest unanswered questions in neuroscience:

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You Are Entitled To (Post) Your Informed Opinion

I stopped going to Medium regularly a long time ago. I had the impression that there was quite a lot of click bait there and it seemed like many contributors were simply using the hype around the platform to advertise their primary blogging sites. I kept my email subscription to weekly top stories summary, and from time to time a headline catches my interest and I click through. I’m usually disappointed.

Today was different. Today’s email included a piece entitled “Book Culture: Why required reading is hurting America.” It was listed as a 3-minute read. I clicked, but I wasn’t just disappointed, I was annoyed.

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Taking Pictures With A Tablet In Ethiopia

We don’t need photographs documenting how people take pictures and videos with tablets anymore, but I liked this one so much I asked for a copy. It was taken at the Timkat celebration of Epiphany in Addis Ababa, and I was struck by the contrast between technology and tradition.


Filming A Wedding With A Tablet? Hell Yeah!

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I really like this fruit bowl. It’s filled with real fruit (or at least what looks and tastes like real fruit), not the impossibly perfect-looking kind you find at the supermarket that disappoints you on the first bite with its watery blandness.

The juice from these oranges is divine. The pears are juicy and sweet.

I won’t buy perfect fruit anymore. Who wants that?

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